7  Top Tip to keep you Running this Summer

With the summer upon us and enjoying the longer days we want to make sure you make the most of it, without injury holding you back!

So here are our running top tips to keeping you active and injury free this summer:

1. Build up slowly – Whether you’ve just recently taken up running or you a pro’, we all have the desire to improve and push ourselves to be the best we can be. Which is all well and good but we need to give our bodies time to adapt to any new loads and stresses. So whether it’s increasing distance, or adding in more hills to your run, be sure to add it gradually.

2. Footwear – This is the number one cause that brings runners into the clinic. Like a house standing on its foundations, any weakness with the foundations will lead to big problems within the house. Well our feet are the foundation of our bodies! And everyone’s feet are different; some more ‘flat footed’, others high arches, etc.. So having the right footwear to support your natural running gait is super important ensure the rest of your body has the right support too!

3. Mix it up! – And not just the running. Improving the mobility and strengthen of your joints such as back, hips and knees will greatly assist you with your running as well and help prevent any unwanted injuries. Pilates and Yoga are a fantastic way to do so!

4. Intervals – Ok now it’s time to mix up the running to! Adding sessions just as intervals to your running is a fantastic way to build up strengthen in your muscles as well as cardiovascular fitness. This will help make those longer runs feel a lot easier.

5. Hips Strength – So we’ve discussed footwear and the impact that can have on the rest of our body, well hip strength can significantly help too! With every stride of our running a demand is being placed on our hips, not just to propel us forwards, but to support the rest of the body too. Did you know one of the main causes of knee pain in running is due to weak hip muscles?

6. Recovery – The easiest way to avoid injury! Give your body time between runs to adapt to the new demand along with recovery ready for your next run! Gentle movement such as yoga can assist with recovery or a gentle walk. Make sure you drink plenty of water too!

7. Enjoy it! – Run because you want to, not because you feel you have to. Someday you may not been feeling 100%, that’s fine! We all have those days, and during that time be kind to yourself, it’s not the time to be pushing it. However remember even just a little activity of any kind can boost those feel good endorphins!

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