Hannah, Specialist Womens Health Physiotherapist is here to help you with a range of Women's Health issues at all stage of life.

Such as:

- Pregnancy related Pelvic and back pain
- Pelvic Pain
- Pelvic floor issues such as stress and urgency incontinence
- Menopausal Symptoms
- Mummy MOT's - post natal check ups

"What does a Womens Health Physiotherapy Appointment involve?"

Initial Womens health appointments are typically 60 minutes. During this time Hannah will listen to your concerns before then completing a physical examination.

Examinations can include internal pelvic floor assessments (optional) and this process will be explained during your appointment.

Following the examination an agreed management plan will be provided along with any questions or concerns you have being answered.

Treatment can include massage, manual therapy, exercises and specialist advice.

"What is a Mummy MOT?"

A Mummy MOT is a specialist postnatal examination of your posture, tummy muscles and pelvic floor following childbirth. During a Mummy MOT Hannah will discuss with you your goals and assist you with a rehabilitation program to help you get there and prevent further problems.

"Let us me there for you so you can be there for you Baby"

Is Womens Health Physio for you?

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