Mummy MOT's

"The postnatal check you deserve"

Includes a thorough 60 minute assessment of your posture, pelvic floor and for Tummy Gap (diastasic Recti).

Pelvic Girdle Pain
Commonly experienced during and after pregnancy, but you don't need to suffer!

Pelvic Floor Problems
Common pelvic floor issue we can help with include:

    Urinary and Bowel Incontinence
    Stress Incontinence
    Overactive Pelvic Floor
    Pelvic Floor Pain

"Hello ? I'm Hannah Holloran and I am a specialist women's health physio and busy mum of 2.

I have been a physiotherapist for 10 years. In 2012 I qualified and began a career in the NHS. In 2013 I fell pregnant with my lovely daughter and thought everything would be plain sailing - the celebrities make it look so easy, right?

Well not for me. Half way through my pregnancy I started suffering with Pelvic Girdle Pain. It was not nice at all. Then I had a difficult labour…..then after labour the horrible after effects began.

Urinary stress incontinence, pelvic pain (I was told once I had the baby this would go away), pain I can only describe as really bad period pain but all the time, scarring and the thought of looking down there was not even comprehensible, was it normal, would it ever look normal again? Then the anxiety kicked in, having a little baby been so dependable on me, was I doing things right was I even a good Mum?

I knew as a physiotherapist that these physical effects were most likely a normal part of having a baby, but I needed help to recover. I looked everywhere for someone or something to help. I soon realised nothing was out there! I began to take an interest in Women's Health Physiotherapy and through reading and researching the subject began treating myself.

I then fell pregnant with my lovely boy and the Pelvic Girdle pain came back…..this time with a vengeance and a lot earlier. It was debilitating, at one stage I had to use a wheelchair, this was a very low point for me, making life very hard especially with a toddler. Another hard labour followed and I decided enough was enough and something must be done; I needed to help myself properly and prevent other women going through this alone with no where to turn.

At this point I began to specialise my career in women's health physiotherapy. I truly believe I have found my professional vocation helping other women.

I am now an official Mummy MOT practitioner and have completed numerous specialised women's health courses.

I can treat pregnant ladies with pelvic girdle pain and can complete a full post natal check which includes:
- Checking the Pelvic floor ✔
- Yummy gap (diastasis recti) ✔
- Posture ✔

I also love my non pregnant ladies!

Those ladies; young or peri/post menopausal, those who have or have not given birth - I can help.

I also specialise in ;
Overactive Pelvic floor- which may or may not lead to bowel problems.
Urinary problems - urgency and stress incontinence.
I am very passionate about women's health. I have a daughter and a Mum and feel we ladies deserve specialist care.

If you would like a free, confidential chat please feel free to call me. Don't feel embarrassed or worried; I promise I have seen it all before and would feel honoured to help you."

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