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We have a range of treatment options to choose from to tailer your perfect treatment session.

Aromatherapy Massage

Full Body Massage

Indian Head Massage

Thai Foot Massage

Tibetan Hand Massage

Facial Massage

Aromatherapy -  Therapeutic Massage using unique blends of essential oils tailored specifically to suit you and your needs.  Can be enjoyed as a Full Body Massage or choose from the massage options below.

Full Body Massage - Typically and hour long massage relaxing and invigorating from head to toe.

Indian Head Massage - A relaxing massage to the head, neck and shoulders. A very popular choice! Can be a 30 minutes treatment or extended to 60 minutes to enjoy a relaxing back massage too!

Thai Foot & Leg Massage - Our feet are the foundations of our body. And tension, aches and pains in our feet can negatively affect our body and lead to pain in our knees, hips, and back. We need to treat our feet! Your whole body will thank you for it.

Tibetan Hand & Arm Massage - Our hands and arms battle daily stress and we can  unknowingly hold a lot of tension here. Tibetan Hand and Arm Massages are perfect to release this stress and open energy channels to help you feel a greater sense of Calm and Wellbeing.

Facial Massage - Treatment enjoyed around the face and head using specific pressure points to ease stress and tension, improve skins circulation, and leave you feeling super relaxed and looking rejuvenated.

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